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World's Most Advanced Golf Simulator

Proven by professional golfers and backed by over 3 years of development and 300 developers.
GOLFZON brings you the ultimate in golf realism like you've never seen before. Experience ultimate reality.


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A world where everyone can enjoy golf. That is the world GOLFZON dreams of and now we are one step closer with GOLFZON VISION.

More Realism. More Responsive. More Entertainment.


Ultimate Golfing Experience

GOLFZON’s advanced sensor technology brings you more accuracy, making your golf round closer to reality.

VISION Sensors

  • A pair of high speed cameras read club’s trail, moment of impact and
    ball movement
  • Draws, fades and putts are relayed accurately

VISION Swing Plate

  • Auto tee – loads the ball onto the tee automatically
  • Swing plate accurately reflects the slope of field. And the mats simulates roughs, bunkers and fairway for added realism
  • Ease of play; place the ball anywhere on the mat and play


  • Distinct mats for Fairway, Rough and Bunker, making your shots closer to the real thing.
  • Just swing as you normally would for rough and bunker shots


Ultimate Realism

Immerse yourself in a realistic environment where the ball dives into hazards and bounces off trees, rocks, and buildings.

Every course is officially-licensed and recreated through geographical survey and aerial photography to ensure life-like course accuracy and visuals..

GOLFZON VISION provides the most detailed and accurate course environment. It's just like being at the real course.


More ways to have fun

GOLFZON VISION comes with a variety of entertainment options.

Supports up to six players. Over 150 real courses to choose from. Configurable green conditions, weather conditions and tee time.
Seven playable game modes including Stroke, Match and Stableford.

Want to try some advanced swing techniques? GOLFZON VISION offers unique practice modes for draw and fade shots.


Advanced Swing Analysis and Video Replay

Sharpen your skills in the Training Arena where you can analyze specific data and practice with club of your choice.

Enhanced Shot Analysis

Information analyzed by Vision Sensors allows players to review shot data (Impact zone, club pass, club face, ball, spin, speed and angle)

Swing Replay

Swing Replay records and replays player’s swing motion to help correct golf stance and swing.


National Golf Team’s Choice Training Sumulator

During the off-season, the Korean National Golf Team utilizes GOLFZON VISION for training exercises.

Developed with advisory from 21 Tour Professional Golfers Including Ryu So Yeon, who won US Lady’s Open, other top ranking KPGA, KLPGA golfers participated in development and testing of the VISION Golf Simulator.


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