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On Screen Sports Ltd. is a North American distributor of Golfzon golf simulators offering sales, service and installation for large commercial businesses right down to private residences.


Indoor Golf Lounge

The indoor golf business is growing rapidly in North America with new locations opening every month. With the high costs and long hours it takes to play traditional golf courses, many players are turning to indoor simulators to get their golf fix thanks to their improved graphics and playability.


Golf Courses & Driving Ranges

The indoor golf experience offers an optimized environment for users to improve their game regardless of time, weather or season. The virtual golf courses created with 3D graphics make playing enjoyable for novices to pros and are very effective tools for indoor lessons and training.


VISION for Driving Range

Installed in a driving range, golfers can actually fly the ball and analyze shot data at the same time or play virtual golf rounds. Upgrading your driving range facility is easy with VISION and will improve your bottom line.


Hotels & Resorts

GOLFZON's golf simulators provide a pleasant experience to your valuable guests and encourage longer stays and return visits. The virtual golf that anyone, regardless of age or gender, can enjoy provides opportunities for expanding marketing and increased profit by providing a perfect leisure life.


Private Installations

Choose the GOLFZON simulator for home. You can easily enjoy a round golf with your friends and family anytime you want. Golfzon will provide unforgettable memories with the most important people in your life.


Condominiums & Residential Developments

Use the recreational advantage of indoor golf to make your property stand out from the competition or create additional profit opportunities for your building. Unique accommodations where residents can enjoy the GOLFZON simulator will become a strong selling point to accommodate the affluent, corporate and social lifestyles.


Corporate Buildings

Relieve stress during work and create fellowship between staff with a round of golf using the GOLFZON simulator. This advanced and refreshing activity can increase the morale and efficiency of employees. It also offers a great meeting space with new or existing customers.


Schools and Training Facilities

There are many cases where Golfzon golf simulators were installed for the purpose of physical education or athletes’ training. Golf classes in high schools and universities have chosen Golfzon for students to have more intimate hands-on golf education. Training facilities have chosen Golfzon for its excellent accuracy.


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