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The Best-Selling Golf Simulator in the World

GOLFZON REAL is the very golf simulator that brought the golden age of golf simulators.
More than 23,000 systems are in use across 5,300 Golf Simulator lounges around the world.
It has a breath-taking global market share of a 64%!


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Played by millions of golfers around the world, GOLFZON REAL has set the standard for Golf Simulator industry for the past decade.

Robust hardware and high entertainment value continues to make GOLFZON REAL the #1 Golf Simulator in the world.



GOLFZON’s globally patented N Sensor System, with over 170 infrared sensor modules, reads the club and ball data to precisely simulate ball flight for an incredible life-like golfing experience.

Various Play Modes/Number of Players

  • 7 available play modes, maximum of 6 players

Custom Settings

  • Including difficulty, weather and play conditions

Training Mode with Precise Analysis

  • Driving distance, carry, launch angle, ball speed and direction and more

Club Recommendation and Selection

  • Depending on individual player and target location


Impressive Hardware

Developed by our advanced R&D center, GOLFZON Swing Plate automatically adjusts in all directions to simulate course terrain.
Experience realistic golf like never before.

Smart Auto Tee

  • Smart Auto Tee system automatically tees up the next ball after every shot.

Advanced Screen Material

  • The screen is specially designed to provide brighter graphics and increased depth perception


Play 170 Courses Worldwide

Enjoy legendary golf courses like St. Andrews and Pebble Beach without actually having to be there.

Realistic 3D Graphics

  • Rendered using models of actual golf courses

Event Game Function

  • Flag Tournament, Near to the Pin, Putting Competition, etc.

Green Mini-Map

  • Green undulations represented by color mapping for easier green reading

In-Play Swing Analysis

  • Displays launch angle, face angle, ball speed and driving distance information after each shot


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