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Official Training Simulator of
Korean National Golf Team

GOLFZON proudly presents GDR; the next generation Golf Training Simulator.


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GDR (GOLFZON Driving Range) is a specially designed golf training simulator that allows you to check the progress of your skill improvement.

Fun and realistic golf practices and comprehensive analysis system provides an entirley new world of golf training experience.



GDR employs the VISION Sensor System for the most accurate tracking system.
Fairway-rough-bunker mats and automatic club recognition system all work together to provide the most accurate training system in the world.

VISION Sensor System

High-speed camera sensors and GOLFZON’s simulator know-how has made it possible to create a system that is over 98% accurate; the VISION Sensor System.

Swing Plate & Grass Mats

Swing plate simulates actual slope of the terrain where golf ball has landed. Fairway, rough and bunker mats makes your practice more real as you are in the real field.

Club Recognition System

The State-of-the-Art club sensing System automatically recognizes what club the user is bringing, making it possible to analyze and record users’ practice data for each different clubs.


Fun Factor

Various practice options make practice more fun than you ever thought possible.

Driving Range Mode

It’s for practicing different clubs. It shows various stats. Target size will be automatically setup depending on practice results.

Short Game Mode

Players can select any point on the course map depending on what distance or surrounding terrain the player wishes to practice. (distance range up to 130m) It helps to dramatically improve your short game scoresl.

Challenge Mode

As you practice in the challenge mode, you find your target landing area gets narrower or smaller as your result improves. You can challenge for higher level and get better ranking.



Aggregated practice data is analyzed to show your stats such as tee-shot, green-on, putting accuracy rates.

Field Analysis Function

Offering customized function where players can focus on personalized practice for areas needing improvement through data analysis provided by GDR.

Online Analysis Function

Players can check skill improvement data and MSM (My Swing Motion) in GDR web.


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